Hedlunds in more then 100 years

In the heart of Dalarnas forest areas where the pines grows straight and strong, do we at Hedlunds live and work. Our two companys, Hedlunds Timber AB (the sawmill) and Bra Hus från Hedlunds AB (sells and produce detached houses), are located by the shore of Ore Älv in Frurdal, 40 km north of Rättvik. Hedlunds was founded by Reinhold Hedlund 1903 and today the third and fourth generation of familymembers own and run the company. Family feeling and responsibility has always characterized our enterprise, we are a very personal company who creat personal contact with all our customers. During the years the company have survived two world wars and has managed the up and downs on the market. This have been achieved by always focus on the customers and be enormously observant to changes on the market.

Welcome to a proud and stable family company where the more then 100 year old joint word still remains - reliability, industriousness and quality.

Hedlunds Timber AB

Tappuddsvägen, SE-790 70 FURUDAL

Tel: 0258-312 00

E-post: timber@hedlunds.se