How we work

Timber production that creates world-class products

Raw material, sawing technique, drying, grading mill, planing and loading. Below we will guide you through the process – how the timber in Furudal is processed into a number of timber products, of the highest quality. 

1. Raw material

Our timber raw material consists mostly of pine that is sourced from our local area, which is a recognised good raw material area. In recent years, to minimise transport we have also brought in a small proportion of spruce.

2. Sawing technique

Today we have two saw lines, a HewSaw with double arbours where we saw smaller logs, and a frame saw where we saw coarser timber. We currently saw dimensions between 11-45 cm.

3. Drying

We dry all our timber according to the Swedish Board of Agriculture’s regulations for timber drying and hold ISPM and KD56 certifications. At our disposal is a progressive kiln for our side boards and 17 chamber kilns of different sizes for the centre cut timber.

4. Grading mill

We have a state-of-the-art grading mill with high-tech camera grading for optimal assessment of our timber qualities. It is possible to precisely cut lengths as desired.

5. Planing

A planing line with a Waco Dominant and a double track splitter currently produces many different products. Mainly studs and panels for our own house factory but also a lot of decking for the Swedish and Norwegian market. 

6. Loading

All our loading from Furudal currently takes place using trucks and trailers. We are constantly working on loading optimisation to minimise our environmental impact.

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